Submission Guide


    Below are the requirements of the storyboard you will have to submit:

    1. Your storyboard must be in the PDF, landscape format
    2. Your storyboard must contain Min. 5 charts and Max. 10 charts
    3. Your storyboard must comprise Max. 10 pages including cover page
    4. Images inclusive in the storyboard must be capped at 2MB each
    5. Cover page of your storyboard must include: (1). Title of Submission, (2). Team Name, (3). Institution, (4). Country of Institution, and (5). Description of Submission
    6. Your storyboard includes References as closing page
    7. Please indicate the country you are representing on the first page
    8. Refer to the following link to have a view of storyboard sample:
    9. Once you are finished with your storyboard, submit it to