Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World

The ASEAN Data Science Explorer is designed to enhance awareness and appreciation of an ASEAN Community among young people through digital literacy intervention in the form of an analytics competition. This initiative will accelerate students’ learning through national and regional analytics competitions for which SAP provides the analytics software and online support through existing university networks. It is targeted at university students of any major, including Political Science, from universities in ASEAN. The participating students are encouraged to analyse data sets on ASEAN issues provided using SAP software.

With a population of over 600 million, Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in the world with rising income and standard of living. Despite its rapid economic growth, ASEAN still faces many social, health and environmental challenges that impede its progress.

We invite all ASEAN youths in Southeast Asia to help shape the future by harnessing the power of data to highlight key issues in ASEAN. Use data analytics to derive meaningful insights and propose innovative solutions to enhance the livelihood and well-being of its people.

Join the competition today if you're an ASEAN national above 16 years old and studying at a tertiary institution in Southeast Asia! Attractive prizes await you!